If you ever meet a guy named Adones you should always keep him close. Adones's are very loyal, caring, loveing, sweet, charming, amazing person that you will ever meet. Yes he can get into drama bjt if it dose happen he is prolly in it to protect someone he loves or cares about. Adones's are very athletic as well. They are very tough and they don't deal with the BS. He will always be there to give you advice when you need it. He can make you laugh at the wrong times or when you are going through something bad. Be will always be there for you no matter what. Adones's are a keeper never let them go, and if you do youll regert it
Girl: hey uk who Adones is right
Her friend:yea why
Girl:you should really become friends with him, he is a keeper🤞🏽
by Keepers come here September 11, 2020
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An NBA player who is better at poetry than he is at basketball.
Dude, have you seen that YouTube clip of Adonal Foyle missing the backboard? What a doofus. At least he's a nice guy...
by adonalmao October 24, 2007
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04112383068 is his number and you will always be satisfied to know that he loves sucking dick for a living so here is your chance
Oh Adon on yellow pages be my daddy would you and fuck me harder
by ya boi know it all June 7, 2019
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Adon is a name from Albania. Adons are handsome guys with huge cocks. Hes sometimes mean but actually hes kind. Normally they play soccer very good. They also kiss very good.
Omg! Adon has a very huge big tasty cute wet long cock.
by LeandroTheCuteOne November 24, 2021
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A name for a real thick man usually known to have a bent dick and a flat arse loves a good ice coffee and chicken pie
Dam check that chunky dunk out, he’s definitely an Adon j
by Creambar May 26, 2020
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