Pre Cum Kid/extremely short individual
Yo there's a bunch of PCK's over there.
by Bonk boi May 3, 2022
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"Popped Collar Kid"
refers to cocky men who still pop their collar because they think it looks cool, even though all it says is douche
Eric: look at " PCK " over here thinks he is usher or something
by PB SLAPPER June 24, 2010
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pube cutting kings! I am king hahah
ewwww autumn shes in the pck!
i know she cuts her pubes with those sissors
by Arielle pitts February 3, 2008
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pck is the main word u use when u talk about someone sejling in counter strike. Be careful using this word out in public, someone might get offended
by drengerøven May 12, 2021
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A really positive guy. He spreads love through his songs and motivational speeches, and we need more people like him.
John: Life sucks man.
Snck Pck: No I doesn't, stay positive, stay hydrated, and make every day as great as it can be, I LOVE YOU!
by Snckcrew December 23, 2013
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