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Adjustment disorder is somewhat related to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and is often argued over whether or not it should even be a diagnosis of its own. There are three different types of Adjustment disorder. Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood, Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety, and Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood and Anxiety. I have the latter. People with Adjustment disorder have symptoms of PTSD, but the stressor is usually not something huge, so people with Adjustment Disorder get traumatized at things that aren't exactly very traumatizing. The different types of Adjustment Disorder are for the different ways patients react to their stressor.
I got Adjustment Disorder with Depressed Mood and Anxiety after being sexually assaulted by someone three times my age.
by silent screamer. January 26, 2011
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Adjustment Disorder is a deep set fear of not only change but of leaving the house, going on a date, sleeping at a friends home, moving, among other normal everyday things. Adjustment disorder is caused by little things that internally scar us although we may not know when it happens. For example:

I am at home all day for a few weeks and then when I go out I feel like I am guilty of something or like I won't have a home to go back to.

I sleep over at a friends house and I have to go home halfway through the night because I am afraid to be away from home too long.

I start working at a new job and I feel like I am going to be fired for something little like dropping a pencil because I am attached to my old job.

Adjustment Disorder doesn't make a lot of sense to someone who doesn't have it. It is a difficult thing to cope with. It makes us afraid of random things that no one else even gives a second thought.
My Adjustment Disorder keeps me from dating again because I am bone chillingly afraid that I will get hurt again after being single for a year.
by Willowgirl August 28, 2016
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