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Synonym for kings of kings. It depicts a witty person with a great personality, a penchant for sports and music, and is distinctively artistic and innovative.
Mark seems to reflect a quality of Adhiraj in him.
by Mark jain December 18, 2010
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used as a title during the mughal rule over India by Huge Landlords meaning King of Kings
he was the adhiraj of his time
by AdDy7 December 12, 2010
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An absolute jew hater, someone who supports the Nazi regime and shares his birthday with Hitler. Adhiraj is smart, funny and very opinionated on most things. He believes in LIGMA and mourned ninja's death (another famous nazi). He studies biology and experiments on jews and is a fine fine man because he has a 7.2 inch cock. He behaves like a racist old white man but is secretely a neo nazi and buys the pixel phone as it comes out because google is a jew free company.
It's funny how Fatey can be soo fine and yet a nazi at the same time, he must secretely be an Adhiraj.
by Tusharqueerqueen July 24, 2018
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