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Adesuwa's are beautiful,intelligent funny,they could be annoying sometimes but that what you'll love about them . Adesuwa is an Edo name for princesses. Adesuwas' are nice until you get on their nerves. The don't care bout what haters think about them, they are just them selves. Adesuwas are shy sometimes, but when you get to know them, they are really amazing people to hang out with. They are very social and outgoing. Adesuwa have great heart, if they tell you they love you they mean it. Adesuwa forgive people a lot but when you take advantage of it, she'll get upset. Adesuwas are fun to hang out with, once they leave you, you'll miss them. Adesuwas's hate liars and fake friends.
Girl, Adesuwa is amazing
by Angiexxx August 02, 2018
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Nigerian princess. Formally known as addy swaggy. Professional twerker and business woman. Born in the month of march. Very scary when angry. Most common words used "dude; so; like".
One of the most beautiful panda express eating monsters on earth.
"damn, addy can back dat ass up."
"Addy loves orange chicken."
Father-"Adesuwa get yo ass down HEEAAA."
by muirkat December 19, 2016
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