Adelyne is a absolutely beautiful girl with a beautiful smile and attracts all the boys. Mostly friends with a Kenzie or a Bailee. She is never good at keeping secrets because her smile definitely gives it away. Adelyne will always have your back and won’t ever let you down. It might take a while to get a secret out of her but she will eventually.
Omg Adelyne is so pretty
by Kenzied443 January 18, 2018
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A very sweet pretty girl who loves kit kats, Twix and milk duds. She has a lot of friends typically by the name of piper, Penelope, Alexa or, Ava. She attracts all the boys but she doesn’t know it. And she pretty much gets along with people of all ages and genders but if you bother her she isn’t afraid to put up a fight.
Oooooh did you see Adelyne yesterday she was flaming hot but another dude let her know and she knocked em hard.
by Silly sister November 24, 2018
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She is strong and determined and have what it takes to get through life's storms. She is very helpful to those around her-- friends, family, or even a neighbor in need. She is a great leader and strong-willed person, and take challenges as a way to better herself...But she also have a deep sense of warmth and nurturing for those she care about. Well-rounded and tough because she has to be. She is not a "diva" but rather a humble person with admirable character. With more hard-working, quality like her, this world would be a much better place. By being able to turn a little into a lot, she knows how to make life enjoyable even if it's just through the little things. She is beautiful inside and out.
by AddyVet February 02, 2010
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Very beautiful and outgoing. Likes to express her point and let people know what she's after. Someone who will go far in life!
Have you met Adelyn yet? She is amazing!
by adelyn's momma February 03, 2010
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"Noble Beauty"
Simply put: A very pretty and exotic girl.

It is a German girls name.
She is admired for her beauty, brains and heat in the sheets. Most usually ends up noticing this without giving her a chance and become highly jealous and do not see her for how nice and lovely she really is. Her aura radiates with a beautiful glow and men can sense her alluring sexuality from miles. She loves to go out and have a good time. But also likes to spend time in the comfort of loved ones. Expressing herself through fashion, love, art and poetry is huge. Although, superficiality is a never to an Adelyn.
Damn, she IS an Adelyn for sure! She is cool and just look at that nice piece of ass..!
by velvetvixx February 03, 2010
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Adelyn can always be a bit of a loser and on the fat side but if your going through a deep time she can always help you.

She is often less intimidating and has a lot of energy and movement in her, when she wants to.
Wow, Adelyn Is so nice!
Yeah she helped me when my mom was mad at me!
by A friend of Adelyn March 11, 2019
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She is very mean, bossy and most of all ugly. Her ugly personality is inside and out. No one knows why. If you become friends with her she willingly dump you like trash. Don’t be her loved one. You will be crushed.
dude break up with your girlfriend she’s a adelyn
by urbanisgreat November 19, 2019
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