3 definitions by Silly sister

A very sweet pretty girl who loves kit kats, Twix and milk duds. She has a lot of friends typically by the name of piper, Penelope, Alexa or, Ava. She attracts all the boys but she doesn’t know it. And she pretty much gets along with people of all ages and genders but if you bother her she isn’t afraid to put up a fight.
Oooooh did you see Adelyne yesterday she was flaming hot but another dude let her know and she knocked em hard.
by Silly sister November 24, 2018
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Julian is a really nice guy who will always be one of my best friends. He’s a great person and is always there for u when u need it. Julian will never let you down. Even though he doesn’t give the best sex and his dick is kinda small. Still love Julian and his nice oral.
by Silly sister October 10, 2019
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To stick your nose in someone’s vagina and blow as hard as possible.
Hey bro once I vosed a bitch so hard that she broke up with me
by Silly sister November 24, 2018
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