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A mental condition in which a person is obsessed with another person. A person experiencing Adele syndrome will often exhibit reckless actions should they deem it necessary in order to be with the person of interest.
Man A: Wow how is that girl single?

Man B: Oh her? She has Adele syndrome. Shes been practically stalking this guy in her class for over a year.
by Caitlin P. October 01, 2017
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A condition suffered by overweight or chunky women with otherwise naturally pretty faces. Some men celebrate women with Adele syndrome, while some detest it, a waste of a nice face? The condition has been fittingly named after popular singer Adele, who has a very pretty face but a chunky body.
Guy 1: Woah, look at that girl's face. She's beautiful!

Guy 2: Dude, look at her body. She has Adele Syndrome.

Guy 1: Oh, damn. What a waste.
by franciss0 August 18, 2011
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When your boyfriend/girlfriend brakes up with you and you sit on the couch with reality TV in the background Facebookstalking them while eating ice cream and various other sweets while listening to sad songs ie: Adele or Taylor Swift
Molly: Have you seen Amanda lately?
Paul: No she got a bad case of Adelesyndrome after John broke up with her last night.
Molly: Wow, I hope she's okay.
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by Kacy Know-It-All November 17, 2016
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