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Noun. A common Nigerian name meaning princess of the king. Ada meaning princess/first daughter and Eze meaning king.
Adaeze is my African Queen
by Ade-eze December 31, 2007
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the best god damn girl anybody can ask for she’s sweet, kind and sometimes too fucking playful but those are still her best attributes in the world, and she’s a lot of work so tighten up.
adaeze are hawt🤤
by THE SEX GOD EMMANUEL March 11, 2018
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Adaeze is a beautiful dark skinned or light girl, she's friendly as fuck and loves to take positive risks, she doesn't have too many friends cause they happen to be fake, but a clique of 2 to 3 friends will count for it cause they are always loyal to a fault. She loves listening to advice from people and she's fun to be with. Her way of thinking is totally different and that's the most spectacular thing about her. Adaeze is completely amazing!
I don't like this Adaeze, she's too forward.
C'mon Adaeze is a very charming girl, get to know her first and you'll fall in love.
by Adaeze 26 December 01, 2018
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