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Aceon is the kinda guy that flirts all the time with any girl that he can, but after all that work he finds him a girl that he can keep. He loves rap and basketball. He's a really good boxer. He is so fine, he makes every girls jaw drop over him. You will become really great friends with him even though he can be really stubborn at times keep him.If you ever meet an aceon and he likes you keep him as long as you can....... I have fallen in love with an aceon and he makes me feel like no one else has before, I care about him and I have been his friend for a long time. Aceon also likes to go by ACE because people say hid name wrong. Ace is everything a guy wants to be :).
Girl 1: OMG is he new because he's so cute!
Girl 2: Well yeah thats an Aceon, he's so perfect *drools*.
by Alyssa439143bug January 31, 2018
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