Extremely bad, verging on the ridonculous!
I'm still in disbelief over your abysmal sofa, son!
by yellow_yoshi December 31, 2011
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what the grand wallen describes as low tier and janky
the graphics on console are abysmal
blacks are abysmal
by FaZe Adolf December 17, 2020
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A seriously worse version of a dismality.
Guy 1: I lost my dorm keys and also locked my phone in my room so I had to sleep in the hallway.
Guy 2: So bad!
Guy 1: But guess what, the next day I woke up and realized I was on the wrong floor!
Guy 2: EXTREME ABYSMALITY for you!!!
by EADSGFPEA March 25, 2022
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an inexplicable level of immaturity and lack of class; leads to irrevocable decisions that are regretted for years.
It is an abysmal shame to not take a chance on the greatest thing ever.
by Ranch Woman August 15, 2011
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