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A beautiful girl who loves to be loved. She is kind but she can get very mean in a matter of seconds. Abriana does not care what people say behind her back. She is the girl that everyone falls in love with when they get to know her. People who hurt an Abriana are people who are jealous of something about her. Abriana will make you smile and she will always be there for support. If you ever get yourself an Abriana you better keep her because letting her go will hurt you more then it will hurt her because she knows that there is always someone there or here.
Wow that girl over there is beautiful. I think her name is Abriana.
by DaisyBasket February 22, 2018
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Feminine version of Abraham, an Italian name
You can use Abri for a n/name
Hey whats up "Abriana" or "Abri" in this case tho "Abriana"
by Itscurrently7pm February 11, 2018
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