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A rebellious girl who hates posers and people. She always says " I hate people". She is a very short girl who loves to listen to 80s music and her favorite movie is The Breakfast Club. She always walks around with headphones in her ears and the music blasting. While listening to her music she does these little dances. She tends to be tardy a lot to her classes but manages to have good grades.
Oh my gosh ! That girl acts like Abree.
by PumpkinEaterInYoFace April 10, 2013
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A funny ,kind , sweet heart whos attractive, and has many friends she is a goddess
Omg that GIRLS an Abree
by Macie poo April 08, 2018
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cody l- i dont abree is a word
kd s- i will add it to urbandictionary! what should it be?
cody l- a small horny bug!
by SPOXXX February 19, 2010
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