abow is a word that is used in sweden,it means like ”damn”. It’s pronounced ”A BOWW” not ”A BAWW”.
abow i did’nt know that!
by prettylittlebaddie January 30, 2022
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Your fishy asl and your dick stanky like a mf
by Yoooooolll January 27, 2022
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Abow in slang means to give honor and basically means "shoo"or "wow"and yk other stuff relating to that
by brazyana January 6, 2022
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When you want someone to do something or a replacement of damn
Zach: hand me that milkshake abow
Zoey: no
Zach aboww
by Kelly t498 January 9, 2022
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I cheated on my ex nd he still came back to me abowww
by Ciynamon January 17, 2022
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