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A female all rounder, includes true beauty, intelligence and a great sense of humour. A truly sensational female.
Oh! She's a real Abinaya!
by Jenkins12345 August 05, 2011
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A potato fetus whose really small.

Is a meme
Can make cool edits
Thinks she a savage and cool kid
Has a burning passion on disliking cringe ARMYs, disgusting Jungkook Stans and doesn't really like Jikook
Is willing to stan SHINee for Onew because of his role in Descendants of the Sun
Will protect Kim Ki Bum's tofu at all cost (DoTs reference)
Watched Flower boy romance for Minseok (the actor)
Could challenge you to a fight but would prolly' lose
Will fight you if you insult her bias
Just really wants MJ to be loved
But at the same time wants to fight him for being rude as fuck in his selcas
Wants SanJin to be recognized as a beautiful ship
Ships Mocky like there's no tomorrow too
Loves EunBin too
Loves Astro in general
Is also in many fandoms (i.g, Phan, TOP, Troye, etc)
Used to be a furry on Animal Jam
Will fight the sun for her bias' happiness

Will fight you if you insult Namjoon too
Embraces homo like no tomorrow
Doesn't want Sanha to hit puberty and pull of a Taemin
Was dragged into Kpop by Jasmine
Doesn't regret it, maybe
Nilani : Where's Abinaya? I think we lost her
Jasmine : I got this one sec
Jasmine :
Abinaya : *jumps out of the crowd* wHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST SAY? YOU WANNA FUCKING GO
by NeedsJesus July 23, 2016
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