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This girl is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. She always looks stunning, and has a sexy fashion sense. She has eyes that are as blue as the ocean, and you would want to spend hours gazing into them. Her presence fulfills you with happiness, Her sense of humor is like no other, as your cheeks will be aching in no time! She is most definitely the best friend you could ever wish for, if she doesn't steal your heart first!
I love Abbiey !
by Ashleyjordanxo October 16, 2013
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See Abigail, Abby and Abbie. Basically, the most gorgeous girl you will ever see. All the girls envy her and all the guys envy the guy that is with her. The guy that is with her doesn't know how he got there and is the luckiest guy. There are no words for an Abbiey. She will make you speechless.
Devin: I want that girl, she's an Abbiey
Sam: Hey! She's mine!
by iheartfishes April 11, 2010
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the most angelic soul in the universe. this girl will always find a way to your heart, no matter what. she is truly a gift from god and blesses everyone who knows her. ilysm abbiey tabby❀️
Aniya: β€œHey, do you know abbiey?”

Daisia: β€œyeah, she’s an angel.”
by Lily Billy May 27, 2019
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