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the most popular person, also awesome,aboss to,aways there for you.
Abass is cool
by kingaboss December 09, 2016
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when one's ass is as flat as their abs :)
u must yell to abbas the nxt time u see him, ABASS, cuz its a coincidence that his name is similaaaar, haha
by rachi! May 04, 2005
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Abass is an annoying bitch that smells like ass but never get it.
He sucks on dick on a regular basis, and should go kill himself!
Oh, no Abass is here what do i do
Abass shutup
Your so Annoying Abass
Actually Abass stop this isn't funny
Go die in a hole Abass
FUCK OFF abass!!!
by abasshater April 19, 2019
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