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Aamna is spelt with 2 a's because she puts in extra effort into anything and everything.She is extremely sporty and intelligent and most people are drawn to her beaming personality.if you ever happen to meet her she will make you laugh 24/7.She is very difficult to become close to as she doesn't open up to many people and if she does she will expect you to respect her and be loyal and she will do the exact same.
"OMG i just met Aamna today she's so awesome !"
by a positive girl January 06, 2018
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The term "aamna" is spelled with two a's if it is not then the term is incorrect. It refers to an amazing or larger-then-life person. It can be referred to a boy or a girl. This term is invalid for anyone who falls short of any of the synonyms/definitions.
that girl is so aamna! i wish i was as aamna as her
by mellamoaamna December 16, 2010
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aamna is a boss ass birch. she is small and cute, yet a little bit phsycotic. she is quite loud and it is usually unexpected. when aamna is hungry DO NOT APPROACH HER. if aamna is tired DO NOT APPROACH HER. never approach an aamna unless you are ready for her. when aamna is in a good mood however, she will light up your day. if you have an aamna never lose her.
Guy 1: that new girl is so short... she’s an aamna
by bossassbirch October 31, 2017
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The word Aamna can be used to describe a person that has been abandoned in a park overnight due to fear of them being a terrorist who eats plenty of curry.
Sheett Johnny got Aamna'd after that party last night! We left him in the park because we thought he was a terrorist who eats curry hahahhaha.
by Jesus Curry August 11, 2011
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