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A sweet girl that's a bit harsh when with friends. She teases but only because she's friends or best friends with the person she's teasing. She understands almost anything and loves pranking people. She's not one to backstab her friends, she's very trustworthy and honest. Very very honest..
Bully: Dat gurl ugly
Aalani: You just call mah fren ugly!?
by Eliiiise May 20, 2018
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Tall af, brown eyed dark skin and a complete savage. Roasts anyone any chance she gets and has a modern, but excellent sense of humor. Not typically the friend you would go to to talk about advice but still a great friend. She quotes vines on the regular and if you insult Christina Marie or her you gonna get it. She has street smarts. A good person in general with a funny personality.
James: Woah she wrecked me hard.
Don: She must be an Aalani
by penguinfur May 17, 2018
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