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A boy's name, derived from Aiden. The root "Aiden" means fiery one.
Who's that over there?


Yes, him!

That's Aaden!
by purpleone December 16, 2013
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Aaden is the sweetest and most loveable person ever, he's a dumbass but you'll love him anyway. He's one of a kind (just like his name) and artistic, he has the prettiest eyes and a smile that can light up a room. He's beautiful. He's smart but doesn't use his head. He's great, patient, understanding, loving, genuine, and trustworthy. He can always make you smile and your heart happy, he's also very good at listening and he'll push his problems aside for your own, no matter how small they are. He's dorky, silly, dumb, and the best person to be around. He's also super funny. He gives the best hugs and kisses, that are soft and just filled with love. He's warm, soft, and comforting, he'll make you feel safe and calm. He can make any bad day good. If you have an Aaden, don't let him go, it'll be the worst decision of your life, believe me. Hold onto him.

He's amazing, even if he doesn't think that he is.
"Hey, who's that?"
"Oh, that's Aaden"
by totallynotem June 11, 2018
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probably the best boyfriend out there. aaden’s are cute, funny, sweet, and just all around amazing people. if you find an aaden, hang on to them!
girl #1: who should i date?
girl #2: you should totally date aaden. all aaden’s are amazing boyfriends
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I chill guy or gal not to good not to bad mostly spends his/her time alone and thinking about life and what there gonna have for dinner that night
Person: what ya doing Aaden:.................OH HI DIDNT SEE YOU THERE
by Ya boi 21 May 24, 2017
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A name typically used by mexicans which infact, is not a real name at all.
Cara: Hi what's your name? Person: Hi my name is Aaden Cara: OMGWTF! LOL is that even a real name or did your mom just stick random letters together?!
by Kingstonwntz January 10, 2009
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