Something or someone is 'AWOK' if it's something Vogue's Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour would approve. Normally, something that is 'AWOK' is related to the fashion industry; but it can also be a general topic, a common person, food...
This dress isn't AWOK.
Augh, you'll never be AWOK
by pepeivorrag March 12, 2020
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when you're so woke, you have surpassed traditional levels of being woke and reached "awokeness" status. A word created by god himself, to be used by only the elite and those with 100+ braincells
Dylan: "my mind is on a whole new level of awokeness"

Dylan: "if that's even a real word,
If it isn't it is now bc I said it"

Me: Ugh your mind 🤩
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The LGBT community (lesbian , gay, bisexual, transsexual community) isolate they selves around one person so he can’t date the opposite sex no more and make all their lesbians keep turning him down over and over again. Until he becomes desperate enough to date the same sex. It won’t work on high esteemed people like my self. Make sure to post this. I almost died finding this out and if you don’t post it. I know you a part of it. And this entire website will need to be undone.
Is he awoke yet? (Is he woke yet)
by John Smith one of many johns December 19, 2021
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by awokiwok November 3, 2021
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