An abnormal infectious condition. Its name is derived from the common description of how the infected describe the kind of "time" they are having. Often reffered to as a "high." Very popular among younger adults and college students. Main symptoms are being very happy and horny. Also, the condition has been known to give hilarious and unforgetable memories which are permanently imprinted into the infected. The main cause of this condition is Ake. WARNING: Can be contracted sexually!
by Professor T. Bag April 17, 2009
Phrase denoting a sensation of extreme exhileration or anticipation of success. Often used when one is in the zone. Occurs all the time with Mayo and Tarzan.
When you're with Mayo and Tarzan, it's ALWAYS awesome time!!!
by Tarzan February 15, 2004
what dreams are made of.
your always right on time when its awesome time.
by long dong silvers February 18, 2004
as good as something can ever hope to be. the ultimate in awesomeness.
you should have seen robbo's triangle solo it was super mega awesome to the max extreme awesomeness times infinity to the power of a ninja
by psiclops October 13, 2009