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avrey is a great basketball and softball player who is very supportive to her friends, also she is very loyal athletic, sweet, supportive, and in the rough times you can always count on her she may be shy when introduced to something new but always does great. But she never forgets her family who is the best in the world.
Hey do you need help , yes I would love some thanks avrey
by turtles loves May 26, 2017
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Avrey is mysterious and quite a snack. she doesn't act like it and doesn't see herself as beautiful most of the time however you know she secretly knows she's bad;),which makes her even more sexy because she doesn't force herself on guys who don't care...she let's the ones who are crazy about her chase. she is very quiet and keeps to herself not giving a rip about anyone else that she doesn't care about..which makes her to be even more respectable by her friends. she's talented in sports,art and being a faithful lover. shes actually can be low key quite a flirt but once she held down by a dude who treats her for the queen she is...she absolutely sweet and faithful to him. Avrey makes a passionate lover. she has a gorgeous laugh that sounds almost fake like she taunting you but it's effects are rather intoxicating. shes chill and down to earth on the outside but is filled with a chaos of thoughts and emotions in the inside. she is the ultimate troller and takes quiet pleasure in the stupidity of those around her. for looks welllllllllllll

: she's got eyes like of a doe, a athletic sexy body with a big butt and a unique faceshape. but she dresses like she doesn't care however.

if you find a Avrey, be careful...she's not an idiot and won't fall to flattery easily. it takes time for her to trust you. if she does-you'll unfold the many layers of her enchanting being, if not.... your just prey for the jungle that is her brain.

you won't win.
everyone: ( speechless)

me: whoh...

random ass person: that's Avrey guys
by oskrrtthegrouch August 18, 2019
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A guy who is just like anyone else, except, with a slightly stranger name who can see the future and kick your ass.
"Avrey told me he was going to kick my ass, and then he did!"
by easthampMA July 26, 2009
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