Abortions That lived
Stupid humans who believe they are above the law in the ATL, it has now been changed to Abortions that lived
by Johnel November 08, 2005
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Abbreviation of Atlanta.

Mostly used by those numerous residents of the city, whose lack of education renders them unable to spell out the word in its entirety.
There is a high unemployment rate in ATL.
by Tojoskawitz June 22, 2009
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1) Alien Technology Legislation
2) American Teacher Legion
3) Antarctic Territory Laws
4) Adverse Treatment Liability
5) Aggressive Tumor Location
6) Active Training Liaison
7) Acceptable Trial Location
8) American Tetra Lounge
9) Antiseptic Trauma Lozenges
10) Ambient Tracking Lasers
ATL has so many uses
by David Poole July 31, 2016
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refers to 'American Thug's Life', other than atlanta as usual
doug: you seen that movie ATL starring T.I yet cuz?
rob: american thugs life..
by Vu N. September 17, 2008
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old school advertising agencies provide only ATL support to thier clients
by rachna dhall August 03, 2004
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