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ASMDSS - Awesome Shit My Drill Sgt Said

What started out as a simple Facebook page sharing stories of privates' experiences at Basic Training grew into much more.
Now, this page promotes fundraisers for veterans in need by selling some fucking awesome gear.
Most importantly yet, this Facebook page has been a source of help for battle buddies in distress. Lives have been saved because of the Admins and their actions.

If that isn't good enough for you, beat your face until you find meaning for your sorry excuse of a life.
"Hey man, have you seen that page on Facebook, ASMDSS?"
"Aw yeah, that page is the shit!!"
"I know! Look at this bad-ass gear i bought!"
"That's fucking insane."
by beatyourface November 24, 2012
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1) Awesome Shit My Drill Sergeant Said
2) Facebook page with the most badass motherfucking drill sergeants
Did you buy any of the new ASMDSS gear?
by Pvt Turtle November 24, 2012
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Awesome Sh*t My Drill Sergeant Said. A virtual repository of stories, descriptions, and legends of the badass actions and sayings of Drill sergeants and instructors from all branches of the military, with a focus on Army Drill Sergeants.

ASMDSS not only tells stories of epic badass motherf*ckers, it also actively supports other military members through the profits of memorabilia it sells.
ASMDSS just raised money for a service member in need while telling the story of how a badass Drill Sergeant turned a bunch of crybabies into men and women that don't get their panties twisted over some slight discomfort.
by 12BEngineer November 24, 2012
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Awesome Shit My Drill Sargent Said. It was originally started as a Facebook page ran by current and former Drill Sargent's, to show a lighter side of the going on of military life and its times and hardships it has since expanded into a world wide battle buddy system that seeks to help those in need of assistance that are prior military or current. It provides a way for like minded to communicate and blow off a little steam at times. They have expanded beyond the reaches of Facebook with their own site . if your not on their Facebook page and on the website then assume front leaning rest and BEAT YOUR FACE!
When asked what is the first place you should search when new to Facebook the answer will be asmdss
by dreamchilled November 24, 2012
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ASMDSS - Awesome Shit My Drill Sergeant Said is The most awesome page on Facebook you'll ever come across with the biggest and baddest Drill Sergeants you'll ever meet. If you fuck with them, they will fuck with you even harder. They have their fans stand behind them no matter what, always ready for fuck fuck games. They never sleep, they always drink, and you'll never catch them when they aren't helping a soldier in need. They donate to charities and always help out wounded veterans.
You- "Hey, these ASMDSS guys are fakes."
Them- *Posts pictures of what they do everyday* "Let the fuck fuck games begin."
by TrueFan November 28, 2012
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ASMDSS (awesome shit my drill sergeant said) A group of Drill Sergeants, who in their most ultimate wisdom; share their knowledge and understanding of people, and or stories from people about their time in Basic Training.
a post from ASMDSS

"Ft jackson.
DS: private what the fuck are you looking at?

Us: nothing drill sargent
DS: carrry on
(Later on)
DS: privates next time I or any other drill sargent asks you what the fuck you are looking at, the correct awnser is a bad ass motherfucker"
by Army Wife For Life November 24, 2012
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