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A form of United States Marine Corps discipline used against boots and lance criminals alike to ensure that Uncle Sam gets his.
"Oh, ok Stud, so we wanna hide a bottle of SoCo under your rack. Stand the fuck by, PFC. You wanna play fuck fuck games, I got games. I got so many games, you'll think I was one of the Parker Brothers. Thanks to you, the whole platoon will Chinese field day on Saturday.
by property of uncle sam August 19, 2011
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noun. Constantly harassing or badgering someone for no good apparent reason.
Jim's ex-wife loved to play fuck fuck games. Her mission in life was to keep everyone off balance and second guessing themselves.
by Immodest December 04, 2011
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A saying that describes someone's actions as being petty and over dramatic.

We know what it means to play games, and we know what fucking around means. Put them together and you have Fuck Fuck Games.
1.That kid is playing fuck fuck games, he's pretending to be mad just to get some candy.

2.They both want to break up with each other and don't want to do it. They stay playing Fuck Fuck Games
by KidColeKay January 18, 2017
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