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ASFO stands for "Age Sex Fursona Orientation" and it helps furries get to know each other more. It is kind of like ASL but for furries.

Keep in mind that the Sex is usually the real gender. Rather then the Fursona's gender. A female usually is a female.

Not always used for roleplay, ASFO is mainly used to keep conversation going.
"Hey! ASFO?"
"18, Female, Shark, Bi"
"Oh! I am 17, Male, Lizard, Straight!"
"Want to RP or Chat?"

Typical Omegle chat using the ASFO abbreviation.
by Chairfaxx July 04, 2012
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ASFO is basically the furry equivalent of ASL. It stands for age, sex, fursona, orientation.
hey, ASFO?
16, f, wolf, bi. you?
18, m, tiger, straight.
by organictrashh December 30, 2017
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Alt Sex Fetish Oriental, In the early days of the internet, USENET was a place where a lot of like minded people met, Alt Sex Fetish Oriental was where people met who were interested in prostitution in Asia.
Hi guys. Does anyone have any information on ASFO activity in Taipei?
by MekoninBrisbane February 01, 2018
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