Ars is short for Age, Race and Sexuality.
Mostly used in chat by gay people to find eachother.
Used to find out if they still wanna talk..
Inn a chat:
Girl 1: hi, ars?
Girl 2: 18 black strait. U?
Girl 1: 20 latino bi.

In a chat 2:
Boy 1: Ars?
Boy 2: 25 asian gay... u?
Boy 1: 26 black gay.
Boy 2: cool, i love black guys

In chat 3:
Boy 1: ars?
Boy 2: 16 white strait... you?
Boy 1: 18 latino gay.
Boy 2: fag.
Boy 1: not cool
by mrfactfinder August 21, 2013
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Stands for Acute Rocket Syndrome. As highly good looking girls are called "rockets", a girl with ARS is extremely good looking.

A rocket usually begins at 9.0 on the traditional 10 point attractiveness rating scale and thus a girl with ARS represents a girl above a 9.0 (9.1+).
"Starbucks was filled with girls who had disorders last night."

"Disorders? What kind of disorders?"

"ARS buddy, it was great."

"Ohhh, ARS. I should have come and met you for a coffee."
by Eric K. Anderson August 07, 2008
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1)a pimp, a hooker-shepherd.
2)a busterd and clever person who listen to ethnic music and wears chains.
1)since her ars was arrested, she's a freelanser.
2) the club was filles with arses, so we decided to go to a coffee-hoouse.
by unknown August 13, 2004
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to be born with looks of a horse, along with the I.Q of tree and the biggest nose known to mankind
That boy andrew stephen is well an ars
by smoochbroch March 01, 2009
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Anti-Reproductive Syndrome. Occurs when a person is only attracted to people who aren't attracted to him/her, and rejects all others despite looks or personality. Or when one self sabotages a good relationship. Can be pronounced "A" "R" "S" or more commonly pronounced ars, like ass with an accent.
Male 1: I keep talking to Amber, but she only gives one word answers.

Male 2: Ya, that's cause she's not into you.

Male 1: That's what makes her irresistible!

Male 2: Dude you should get checked up, you might have ARS
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After running shits. After one runs, they in fact, get the runs.
After going for a 3 mile run, Derek had serious ARS!
by Mmurph February 20, 2014
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