Asian QT (Cutie).

Not to be confused with an ABG.
Friend: Bro, Lily Pichu is such an ABG.

Me: Fool. She’s an AQT.
by azrayje February 23, 2020
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once a famous YouTuber Aqt Yt was born Josefina Manuela Garcia Naranja in Compton California and grew up wit 3 other siblings at a very young age he started posting cringy ass videos on YouTube up until 2021 when he decided to give up on YouTube and start an onlyfans and join the LGBT. As of 2022 no one has seen or heard of that man but one question that’s still in everyone’s mind is “Aqt Yt and TheJamesDTV collaboration coming soon?”
“Omg is that Aqt Yt” “Yo it’s that nigga Aqt Yt” “yooooo it’s Nalga Suelta” (1st Ever Dropout YouTuber)
by tjay_ April 8, 2022
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AQT = Angry Quick Time
Term used for a person that has gotten angry at something, and u say angry quicktime to take the piss.
Person 1: For FUCKS SAKE that bastard is pissin me off!
Person2: Why u gettin AQT / Angry Quick Time
by AQT 4 January 25, 2010
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