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acronym for "Annoying People At Work;" basically, the useless wastes of space at your job who annoy the living shit out of you
APAW's include:

1) INAPPROPRIATE COMMENT GUY who says the worst possible things at the worst possible times because he thinks they're funny
2) FAT BITCH who claims to be on a diet but always eats "just a little" from everyone's lunch. Stay away from my bacon cheesburger, bitch!
3) THE CREEPER who manages to visit you at the worst possible time and you don't see or hear him coming
4) ANAL RETENTIVE BOSS makes you account for your entire day in 15-minute increments by filing TPS reports
5) MR. PARTY always manages to get away with putting noontime visits to the titty bar on his expense reports. "I was entertaining a customer. I can expense 25 lap dances for that as long as I talk business!"
6) CHEMICAL WEAPON GUY always manages to stink up the restroom with his Atomic Shits
by Bozz Hawg April 15, 2004
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An acronym for All Phish All Week. Commonly started on a Monday morning when you really need a serious Phix to get the week started. Once started, it is very unlucky to stop an APAW mid-week. For those hesitant to commit, an APAD (All Phish All Day) is recommended.
I rolled into work this morning and knew the only way to survive the week was with an APAW.
by Jamie Kennedy May 14, 2008
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APAW's also include

TOO MUCH COLOGNE GUY and TOO MUCH PERFUME BITCH who smell like they batghed in it!
Damn! I can smell too much cologne guy coming!
by Super Guy April 16, 2004
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