suicide that costs $95. slow and painful, lasts about 4 hours.
by ap euro nerds May 6, 2010
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When you study really hard, and take very difficult Mock Exams. However when you take the real test, it is so simple that you finish in five minutes.
WOW!!! That AP Test was easier then that Mock Exam last night.
by JustAnAtom May 17, 2017
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Designed to test the knowledge you have accumulated over the entire year in the specific Advanced Placement course. A waste of time, and drains you of all energy and life.
Sarah: "Oh My God. These AP Tests are going to be the death of me."
Rachel: "I know. I've gotten ten review books and STILL nothing helps. MY BRAIN WON'T PROCESS!!!!"
by lizzzzzzzzzzz May 21, 2008
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AP tests: An utter pointless, colossal, useless waste of time, energy and life.
Cody: Shit man I got this AP tests!
Chewbacca: WTF THESE ARE SUCH A POINTLESS WASTE OF MY TIME (Makes wookie sounds)

Cody: I know they only make these classes to torture people
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College Board split up APC Physics into two tests. You would think that they made each section half as easy.

Apparently not. These two tests are still the hardest tests in all of high school; now, however, you have to pay twice to get raped twice.
A: "How did you do on the APC Physics AP Tests?"
B: "Which section?"
A: "Mechanics?"
B: "I was raped."
A: "Then how did you do on the electricity and magnetism section?"
B: "I was raped even harder."
by KobeDragon December 16, 2010
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