stands for Adults Only 'ing
means doing an action which is generally assumed adult only, usually sexually orientated.
"wheres miley and rachy gone?"
"they're AOing"
"yeah they're an item now, didn't you hear?"
by SteTipene January 19, 2010
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Short for "Age of Shadows" - the version of the popular online MMORPG Ultima Online that moved focus more onto what items the player has in his inventory than his actual skill.
Ultima Online: AoS completely took away any skill involved whatsoever in PvP combat.
by Ultima May 27, 2004
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Adult over Shoulder
which is another way of saying AOS but a less Suspious way of saying it.
*talking about stuff your shouldnt be, parent or gaurdian walks in to the room* You say AOS
by Kylee Droom August 5, 2006
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All Over. When someone is clingy towards another person, esp. when the other person isn't interested.
I saw Jimmy the other day down at Rock-ola and his ex was AO. She was pathetic.
by ghost August 1, 2003
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Killed in Action in the Area of Operations. A term used to describe fallen soldiers in the military area of operations.
"We've got 2 kia in the ao" - Stonemountain64
by waffman November 25, 2013
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