AJ is a nickname for a male. Usually short for first and middle names. AJ's are ladies men and get a lot of girls. They are very flirty guys, but when they get into relationships they become loyal and tend to let their significant other control them or whip them around. VERY good in bed, and also a very good friend.
*AJ passes 20 to friend*
*Friend walks up to girl*

Friend: "Hey"
Girl: "Hello"

*Friend walks away*
*Girl watches*

*Friend gives AJ back his 20*
Friend: "You're right she does have pretty eyes"

*Girl Blushes*


"AJ is my bestfriend"
by anotheroneofthosepeople August 30, 2009
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an AJ is a majestic mythical creature that may come in many different forms. They are awe inspiring. You are one lucky dog if you see one within your lifetime... Even luckier if you know one.
"Holy snap I just saw AJ!!"

- "what was it like?"

"Like a majestic white horse galloping across a field of grass on a serene Spring morning."
by el_bato187 March 15, 2011
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A guy with a very sweet heart and will always be there for you no matter what😘 a guy who will always protect those he cares about and will never let go of the person he loves. He will always make sure you’re okay and makes are you feel loved all the time! He is very cheesy and a BIG suck up! Those he is sometimes a pain in the ass he is a very sweet loving extremely caring and very very loyal guy! Don’t ever lose an AJ! You will regret it!
AJ~ “I love you baby
Her~ “I love you too babe”
AJ~ “I love you more”
Her~ “I love you most
AJ~ “That’s not possible baby”
Her~ “yes it is babe”
by Crackhead😂 June 25, 2019
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AJ Is a manwhore. he seeks for attention and usually loves basic white chicks. He'll replace you with a blink of an eye. He might have a good side in him but usually he'll replace your ass right away, he's a total heartbreaker. Watch out for the AJ's. Don't fall inlove with them.

Girl 2: He's such an AJ.
by Lizzoxo November 05, 2017
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A person (male or female) that has a very good sense of humor.
Dang, did you see AJ? She is hilarious!
by AliAllison September 10, 2016
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AJ is a bitch boi who has no friends and no one likes him. He is also that one friend who wants to eat cream cheese off your toes.
Person 1-“Hey do you know AJ?”
Person 2- “Yeah he is such a bitch boi
Person 1-“Yeah I know, the other day he said he’d eat cream cheese off my toes”
by SlickSlayz April 29, 2020
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