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a chick who you talk to online and try to get with her, but doesn't respond to you for a long time because she is talking to another guy at the same time
1. Repeated monosyllabic responses such as "yeah" "no" "yeah" "dunno"
2. Very long intervals between when you send an IM and she answers
3. Her answer times become considerably longer when another guy who you see hanging out with her signs on
4. Responses like "oh sorry", meaning she was not really waiting for you to send an IM and totally forgot about you and your conversation
The Zad: Hey you there?
(5 minutes later)
AIMSlut: Oh sorry.
AIMSlut: Hi.
The Zad: How are you?
(5 minutes later)
AIMSlut: Good.
*AIMcockblocker has just signed on.*
The Zad: How was your day?
(10 minutes later)
AIMSlut: Good.
by the Zad December 01, 2004
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A person (either gender fits, actually...) who talks to multiple people, at the same time. This can get very annoying, as this person is usually cybering with other people, and then ignoring their true friends who then decide that they've had enough of waiting twenty minutes for a reply of "yeah" or "ok" or "yep" or "lol".
me: hey
AIM slut: hey
me: how are you?
(5 minutes pass)
AIM slut: ok
me: cool. did you see (insert movie here) I thought it was pretty cool, but (insert actor here) was just retarded in it. bad acting and everything. What'd you think?
AIM slut: lol yeah.
^ that is an AIM slut.
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Someone who is chemically addicted to aol instant messenger. An aim slut cannot go long without sending or receiving an instant message or they go through violent withdrawl symptoms.

also see: Adrienne
The aim slut didnt move from her computer all day.
by pirate ninja November 30, 2003
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A woman who has a face you just wanna jizz on.
Person 1: I would love to marry that girl.
Person 2: She looks like an aim slut to me. I'd hit it, but I'd quit it.
by Cyprus_grunt October 27, 2015
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