1. Serious STD that shortens your life but makes for excellent comedy.

2. Anyone In Denial Sexually. A person who claims to have AIDS to imply they have had much sex, when in reality they have had none and claim to have AIDS to prevent sexual advances due to fear of loosing virginity.

3. A disease that you tell people that a person has to mock him, assuming he is a douche.
1. Wow, too bad he went to Africa and had sex with monkeys, now he has AIDS.

2. Hey ladies, you know I would do you all but I have AIDS.

3. Yeah you moron you are so retarded you probably have AIDS.
by SuperFly7.62x39mm February 23, 2006
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A.K.A. After Intense Drinking Shits. An unfortunate result after a heavy night of drinking in which you wake up the next morning and essentially shit fire. If not treated correctly, could result in the equally uncomfortable cranky ass.
Jack pounded like 20 beers last night. Poor bastard had the worst case of AIDS this morning.
by de los May 25, 2005
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A.wsomely I.ndescrible D.elicious S.nack

A chocolaty fudge bar with nuts that gives you orgasmic pleasure.

Warning: May cause death!
Boy 1: Hey you wanna go grab and AIDS bar?

Boy 2: Sure!
by Wendy Jo June 16, 2008
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Alcohol Induced Diarreah Syndrome.

When you get wasted drunk and piss out of your ass all day long.
I drank a fifth of tequila last night and have been suffering from AIDS all day
by yourmomlovesmycock February 06, 2008
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Anal injected death syndrome

funny parody of actual meaning
I have anal injected death syndrome"Aids"
by Barry Wu August 20, 2008
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