Between peepz, an outburst to signal that something someone just said or did was just...not...right!
"What do a 75-year-old woman got between her tiddies that a 25-year-old don't?"


"Her belly-button..!"

by Joshiro007 February 22, 2003
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Means "I don't know". The "uh" is slightly raised in pitch.
by apple fritter June 25, 2010
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The incidence of increasing monthly cell phone charges resulting from daylight savings time ending
The Nokia Effect (n): "NO-key-ah uh-fekt": its dark out at 5pm, my phone is free at night, its dark at night, therefore my phone must be in night time free minute mode at 5pm, not true says my $250 cell bill)
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Pronounced 'La-Dash-Uh'

Legendary name of fictitious urban female. Started popping up after 2007 and has been referred to several times on popular radio morning shows. "Tagline associated with this word is 'the dash don't be slient' referring of course to the proper pronunciation of the word.
"La-ah (La-dash-uh) gone and dun it now"
by adamsk1997 August 19, 2011
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A few guys get together. They start drinking some kind of alcohol in small glasses (preferably hard alcohol). They throw on a cheesy DVD and don't really watch it but talk through it. If they see something good in the dvd, one or all of them yell out, "Ah Puerto Rico...uh ohhhhhh!!" and then drink.
Hey Steve... tell Mark that tonight we will have a "Ah Puerto Rico...uh ohhhhhh!!"
by the white puma September 24, 2007
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