Older people who control conversations thinking they “know it all” without having any authority or justification like mansplainers.
“I had some rando granny agesplaining today I should find Christ.”

“That asshole agesplained to me for 20 minutes straight”

Agesplain from afar, near deather!”
by mattanaw July 20, 2021
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Like mansplaining, this occurs when someone who is older or grew up in a different time/generation tries to explain something without realizing that the younger person they are talking to knows more on that topic than they do.

Valid for use when the person perceives themself as being older whether they actually are or not and still explains in the same condescending fashion.

Also used for when the elder explains something that no longer is culturally valid in our society, such as the means for a student in the US to be able to be debt-free when graduating. Often the agesplained statement comes after "when I was your age."
Augustus was agesplaining saving for retirement, little did he know that I've had a retirement account since my 18th birthday, longer than he claims to have started saving.
by Julyaugustusc May 11, 2017
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