“Ew! Look there’s a fat over there”
On your left you’ll see a flock of fats getting ready to nest
“Hey get out of the road there’s a fat coming”
by Spell Red May 20, 2019
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a really fat joint, also called a fattie, that is packed with 1-1 and half grams of weed instead of just a half.
Ex. Yesterday I rolled a really good fat.

Dave: I smoked a fat yesterday. Man I was sooo blunted.
by Josiefuckinrules August 03, 2006
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A fat is a group of people, who happen to be a majority in the US.

People who are fats include Bill Brasky, John Madden, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Bojangles III, Mr. Fluffikins

It is prudent to mention that A fat =/= being fat.
Cooldude: I am a fat
Faglol: So you are fat?
Cooldude: No
by Guineapig the Third September 18, 2009
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