Ægis, Greek mythology.
The goatskin breastplate or shield of Zeus(King of the gods) or Athena (goddess of wisdom). The shield, Ægis, when carried by Athena has the head of Medusa, retaining its powers of petrification, attached to the center.

The shield offered protection and security - to be under the ægis of someone, or something, is to be under its protection.
In WWII, foreign ministers entered warring territories under the ægis of diplomacy.
by Cap'n Shensisque June 10, 2005
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The password to build/create faster in Age of Empires 2.

Some don't know that if you type this while playing the computer, they will build/create just as fast. *fizzzzzzzzzzz*
Guy: *Types in AEGIS* HA! >:D
Computer: *Builds faster*
Guy: Nuuu!!!!
by Bonson July 29, 2005
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A class of cruiser used by the United States Navy. It is equipped with a powerful SPY radar system and considerable anit-aircraft capabilities.
The USS Port Royal, an AEGIS-class cruiser, was assigned to the John Stennis' carrier battle group.
by Spock July 13, 2003
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stands for:

Alien Exterminating Global Intercept System

A secret branch of the global military that hunts down invaders and protects the smiles of tomorrow.
Many associated with the organization are referred to as GateKeepers.
I just got recruited to AEGIS because I'm a gatekeeper.
by Kurei0 August 12, 2009
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scamming occupation, one that you will constantly be a burden to the employee. Often this is in the form of lost wages, bonuses, time punches, scheduling misconformities, etc.
You should quit, it is such an Aegis.
by DA September 11, 2003
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A prototype transformable commander use mobile suit from the series "mobile suit gundam seed". As it's model number gat-x303 indicates, it's built around the federation's gat frame. It's one of the four gundams that were stolen by zaft at heliopolis. It was given to and exclusively piloted by athrun zala until it self detonated in it's battle against the gat-x105 strike gundam.
Damn the aegis gundam is so cool, it's red and it Transformers!
by Gundamnerd7 March 9, 2021
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Some big tiddy anime girl with barely any clothing who is also some other big tiddy anime girl with a bit more clothing but still isnt as cool as my nibba alvis or (monado)
by Person who takes memes March 22, 2018
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