Acronym. Another Divorce Happened

'ADH' is a racket, made by lawmakers, to create jobs.

Incomes feeding off others sorrows
A recent marriage survey finds only 50% of the population, in the USA, is getting married. And ADH, caused the rate of marriage to drop to 45%.

'ADH' does give an income to lawyers and employees of district courts.
by PixxieDixxie<3 December 16, 2011
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Sally was didn't let me have sex, so we ADH
by czech February 23, 2005
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K_oS's presonal hoe
Adh cleans K_os house every day
by Carlos Saura March 30, 2004
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Attention Deficit Hyper Dick. Meaning hyper active penis.
Lexi has ADH- Dick
by StarRyse December 20, 2016
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All Day High also name of a gang located in West Virginia
Did you hear ADH shot up this one house?
by ADH OFFICIAL May 20, 2020
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gay man\men, homosexual man\men

Origin: Hindi word meaning "half man"
I think that guy is an adh aadmi.

Let's not talk about adh aadmis.
by Satayjit Roy February 14, 2008
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