Another Dysfunctional Disorder of Anna, named after the unfortunate person who was the first to become 'profesionally' diagnosed with the disease, shortened to 'ADDA', is a serious disorder in which the unfortunate victim is unable to type correctly. This results in horrible mutilations of the word that the victim is attempting to spell as well as bad grammar. Typos and random, unknown words may be a warning of an upcoming hell when it comes to emailing, instant messaging, posting comments, and possibly even texting. ADDA can be caused by typing too quickly or in some extreme cases a lapse in the brain's normal activity. (NOTE: In severely extreme cases, the lapse may be long term or even permanent!). If you or a loved one suffers from ADDA, please call...oh, who are we kidding. They're screwed and bound to endless amounts of teasing.
ThisIsMySN23: hloy crap ddid yo srr tom todayyuu?/
iCanSpell: um. what?
ThisIsMySN23: I SIAD: "holy crap, dod you sere tom dya/"
iCanSpell: ok you suck at typing. ha ha! you must suffer from ADDA!
by nicole&anna August 26, 2006
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Adda is an amazing person, she is a bit cocky but really fun.
Is she god? No that just Adda
by User89345 November 23, 2021
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NOT a Rasta. Sometimes presents the image of one, holding Starbuck's and pushing dreads out of his/her face. But NOT a Rasta.

Hey, whose that guy over there with the Starbuck's and the dreads? Is he a Rasta?
No, he's an Addae.
by The Notorious March 6, 2007
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Congradulating a girl on their actions.
girl: Anthony wanted to fuck me in the asshole but i told him he shouldn't because i ran out of toilet paper and i didnt want to taste shit...

boy: ...Adda girl.
by adam bee yo who else January 11, 2010
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An Arabic slang. Roughly translated to English, it means: what's it gonna be, ho?
"Hey Mohamet, what's up?"
"Hey Hashib, vudda adda bi no?"
by DJ Ketchup March 3, 2015
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Place where we get all the information about DU. Amazing reels and photos of colleges. Memes and what not!!!

After all it's DU walon ka Adda
DU ADDA is DU walon ka Adda.
by DU Adda November 30, 2021
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