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"Asshole By Nature", Dub-G, Jay-Ton, Boss and Others
You hear that new Asshole joint? Hell yeah bitch, fucking im a ABN.
by AC STUNNA April 07, 2006
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A.B.N means Assholes By Nature, created by the rap artist Trae. A.B.N is featured in many of his songs. A.B.N is not a bad thing to be, when your bitch acts up just go abn on her ass.
"yea, matt and nich are a.b.n, they are assholes to everyone"
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Abnormally Bulbous Nipples. A genetic syndrome that can often affect people who are under alot of stress as well. One telltale sign of this obscure occurance is when nipple-lumps can still be seen, despite the wearing of a bra.
ABN makes little more than curious embarassment for most people, but it's a gift from the gods for fashion models.
by Alex Quantashassle August 09, 2005
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