The conversation is over.
The convo is done.
Scott Disik: Are we cool, like are we in agreement?
Kourtney Kardashian: ABCDEFG. I have to go.
SD: What the heck does ABCDEFG mean?
KK: It’s just a phrase I like to use that means the conversation is over.
SD: Is that a real phrase? You’ve said this before.
KK: You’ve never heard that phrase?
SD: No? Have you?
KK: It means the convo is done.
KK: Yeah. G - Goodbye.
by onthedot March 25, 2020
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Girl: What does the ABCDEFG mean?
Boy: A boy can do everything for girl
Many people told the girl that there have HIJK.
He is just kidding
Girl smile and said: it's fine. Because LMNOP is after that.
Love must need our patience
by lovestoryabc November 11, 2013
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Dude: What's your Netflix password again?
Lazy guy: ABCDEFG
by NoobDancer100 February 4, 2019
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Mike Said: abcdefg
Brian Said: Wow, spell the alphabet sir
by 8ax_ April 5, 2017
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Founded by me and my freind. I typed A B C D E F G into google translate and pressed listen and it said abcdefg. The definition of this word is Fu** or B**ch depending on the sense of the word. It can also be used to express hatred.

How to say it.
Ab KA Def GA

Mrs. Groff is not a real person.
Damn, Mrs. Groff was An abcdefg today.

Person: Go to Hell
Me: Abcdefg you a**hole

Man, I really abcdefg that movie.
I abcdef Mrs. Groff
by Meh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! April 3, 2011
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some people say it like this wtf instead of abcdefg hijk lmnop qrs tuv wxyz
some people say it like this wtf instead of abcdefg hijk lmnop qrs tuv wxyz
abcdefg hijk lmn opq rst uvw xyz is not normal
by Stassie Baby August 20, 2019
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