An always-stiff-penis. A penis of such small stature, it fails to have the length to hang down, hence, being always stiff.

Also known as, an Always Stiff "Peeper," rather than penis.
Example: I was changing in the locker room today with the guys, then I looked of at Tommy, an he was sporting a tiny dick, possibly an A.S.P (Always Stiff Penis).

Example: Dude, after I banged her, I took a cold shower, and came out. She threw off the towel because she wanted to give me head. She looked up and said, where'd it go? I must have an A.S.P (Always Stiff Penis).
by Leverett Thomas Holder November 8, 2009
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1. a penis so small that it doesn't have the length required to generate hangage, giving the appearance that it is in a state of constant erectness.

2. Unit of measure based on the penis size of Wilco Jancala. One A.S.P is equal to one billionth of an inch.
1) I have to wear special pants so that no one realizes that I'm sporting an a.s.p (always stiff penis).

2) No dude, my dick is at LEAST two asp lengths.
by Wilco Jancala November 10, 2009
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