The A.I.G (annual incestual gathering) is where an entire family converges to participate in an orgy of monumental proportions.
1st guy: "Why is Howard grinning so much?"
2nd guy: "That sick fuck just got back from the A.I.G in Svalbard"
by Count Noosula November 10, 2017
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American Institute of Greed (formerly know as American International Group)

One of those heinously corrupt organizations that takes money grubbing scum to new levels!

These bastards took more than $160Billion in government bailout money and then gave top executives more than $160Million in bonuses! What kind of shithead would give multimillion dollar bonuses to the fuckwits that drove the company into the ground?!
The executives running the American Institute of Greed A.I.G. should all be sitting with Bernie Madoff in jail for a 150 years!
by Charles_U_Farley July 28, 2009
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