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It can be used in many different ways. It is a sort of abbreviation for bacardi 151 rum.But you can also use it to describe a night that you dont quite remember too clearly.Or at all. The most memorable A.E.A. nights involve the roof of a pizza shop, randomly standing/laying in the middle of the road, wearing a little black dress on a freezing winter night, finding out that your little sister lost her virginity to your ex boyfriends little a MUCH younger age than you lost yours, making several very sloppy videos for people later realizing that you can't erase it after it already sent,trying to convince your older sister that you have not been drinking while the table behind you is flipped on its side and you cant help but laugh, glaucoma shots in people's necks that turn out to be an eyeliner smudge,making random videos that involve wrestling and counting to 100 for no reason,looking like your on crack, you cant quite remember when you fell asleep, you wake up in the morning and get phone calls from people asking you why you "sunk their battleship" last night. facebook statuses that also mention how you sunk their battleship.watching all of the sloppy videos you left people that they will see the next time that they log on. then still wanting to do it again the next weekend.

Basically it is a term for a night that you did shit that you will always regret but had a fucking blast while you were doing it.
Surr:What do you want to do this weekend
Summ: A.E.A. ?

Summ:Guess what, i thought of a good birthday present for you
Surr:Whatt is it?
Summ:a handel of A.E.A

Surr:All the time!
by Schwastee<3Belidged June 07, 2009
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stands for Anti.Emo.Army the main organization in the fight against emos other groups such as the anti emo coalation or the anti emo movement are lesser than the Anti Emo Army but are trying to acheive the same goal
Greg joined the A.E.A. at an early age because he hated emos just as much as everyone else should
by ORIGINAL JEWFRO February 28, 2009
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