Verb (Past tense: A-hopped)
To overcome a challenge or outwit a rival using intelligence and insight. Originally inspired by the character Charles Morse in the movie The Edge (1997), played by Sir Anthony Hopkins, who manages to kill a man-eating grizzly bear among other things while surviving the Alaskan wilderness after a plane crash. However, many other Anthony Hopkins roles in other films are also intelligent problem solvers, hence the term A-hop was born.
I am going to A-hop the shit out of my math test on Friday!
Justin got so A-hopped by Tyler in that chess match!
by Trc1978 August 22, 2019
A word used to express what sound a rabbit makes.
Parent: What sound does a dog make?
Child: Woof, woof!
Parent: What sound does a rabbit make?
Child: Hop-hop, hop-hop.
by ThePurpleMage March 1, 2009
can be used as a verb or a noun. Can be used as the act of ejaculation, or can be used as the semen itself.
Stu has AIDS and threatened to be-hop on everyone.
by Sharkey October 5, 2004
An uninvited passenger who "hops on" to one's vehicle.
"George Michael is doing great with his driving lessons. He had his first hop-on!"

"Watch out for overpasses and hop-ons. You're going to get some hop-ons."
by le_sacre May 5, 2007
An expression used when you want someone to get something done quickly.
person 1-Hey bro, did you finish washing my car?
person 2-No because I was going to wait till it cooled off outside.
person 1- Well hop to it, I got a date in about an hour.
by PJJ August 10, 2007
The act of entering, usually, in some vehicle. Normally said with the goal of expressing a cool, stylish, and fast way of making your point, instead of "get inside of". May also be used with "into", instead of "in".
1"Nice car."
2"Hop in already."

1"I need to go home now."
2"Hop into the bike on the garage."
by Xhavix August 14, 2006
Get moving, get your act together, take some action to solve a problem. More effective wnen used in conjunction with an expletive.
Direct communication: "Honey the movie starts in 5 minutes. You look beautiful. Hop to."

3rd party usage: "We had a great date and he said he'd call -- if he doesn't hop to and pick up the phone he's gonna lose out."

Harshest application: "I asked you to take out the trash and you haven't yet. I'm out of patience. Hop the f*ck to!"
by Papa's Mama February 27, 2007