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A short extract from a creative piece written from the heart...

A Prince who captures hearts with the beauty of his soul, and melts spirits with his enchanting face. A heavenly creature who touches and delights every inch of your earthly form and spirit.

His eyes dive into yours, his sea of deep love and affection meeting yours. For the first time in your life, a surge of foreign sensations flow in the centre of your chest and yet this feeling is familiar to your soul, almost as though his love has met yours before. Forever you are gleefully bound to him. The beauty that he is has taken your breath away and everlastingly your being becomes his.

There is no one else like Prince. He is the only handsome knight who takes your breath away but then gifts it back to you because he loves you. He is the only prince who takes your heart and delicately places lays it with his, only to nurture and protect it. He is the only man to whisper your name and send sparks of electric love down your spine, arms and an ache in your heart. His presence consumes your every thought, every breath, every vision, every dream. His passion is tasted by your lips, body, mind and spirit. A love so strong, how can it exist?
But you do not question anymore. You surrender to the power of love. His power of love. Prince's heavenly love. So deeply you have fallen. So deeply. His passionate embrace is all you know, all you ever wish to know. Only if you could speak to him of how you love him without shying your eyes from his. If only you paint for him how much he means to you. He, the prince who has captured your heart. You are taken... eternally.

True romantic and loyal Princes are thought only exist in fairy tales and fantasy, but they exist in reality. it is our humble commitment as loving females to recognize the wonder that lies within a Prince and to respect, admire, love and cherish our Princes and appreciate all the joy they bless us with.

*Extract from "A Tale"
by Written.homage.119 June 16, 2010
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