A person who is of a low intellectual nature.
'Hey, you stupid person, you've just forgotten to go to work.'
by Exleper February 11, 2005
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Someone who knows better yet is doing or has intention to do something foolish.

Not to be associated with idiot; someone who has a lot of stupid ideas.
That stupid driver ran the light!
Look at that stupid person playing the tiger.
by TheGrimWeaper May 26, 2010
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Often used as a word to define your enemies. Or sometimes stupid people lol. Peoples name's that are most likely referred to as "stupid person" Bob,Jeff,sophie,Nick,oranku.
Wow oranku only is a stupid person
by UrbanDefPerson December 25, 2016
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The murders of African Americans (or other people of color) in horror movies that are the direct result of foolish decisions or actions made by whites.
Black people never live long enough to see the credit roll in horror movies. It's always a case of death by stupid white person.
by miss brown sugar May 01, 2006
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Someone who chooses geography over history
A stupid person:“Oh damm, geography is so boring, I should’ve chosen history”

A smart person: “that’s a you problem
by Yourmumsdildo October 15, 2021
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