An overweight Hispanic women who typically wears black leggings, hoops, wife beater, and Nike sandals. Breakfast for them usually consists of hot Cheetos and a mango Arizona and also they tend to say “foo” a lot.
“The club was full of tortas tonight” or “Chris wifed up a torta”.
by Torta Hunter May 29, 2019
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A really fat ugly bitch that thinks she's hot.
Dude, that fatass torta is lookin at you
by furynator3000 August 6, 2009
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The one fat bitch that hangs out with good looking bitches.
Fuck, that TORTA broke my fuckin' chair again.
by Lil Man July 17, 2003
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A fat cumdumpster (woman) they are notorious for being conceited and thinking that they weigh 200 lbs less than they do.
Orale esse! Cuidado con esa torta!
by Nigga12 November 14, 2008
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Para los mexicanos, una mujer torta, es una mujrr que gusta de mujeres de su mismo género; es decir, lesbiana.
P1: Bro, ¿supiste Claudia salió del clóset?
P2: Pfff, se le notaba lo torta, le encanta Haley Kiyoko y Girl in red
by Tennnnalena February 18, 2022
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A derogatory argentinean word used to refer to a lesbian.
¡Mirá estas tortas besándose.!
by Caraenal February 28, 2017
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